My Paper Bones

by Renee Mooi and Todd Clouser

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1. Your Sin is Beauty
2. In The Pines
3. As You Are


released May 20, 2014

Written and Produced by Todd Clouser except "In The Pines" (traditional)
Engineered by Gerardo Castmu in Aguascalientes
Todd Records at Studio HH, MX City
Cover photo by Virginia Arigon
Mastered by Huntley Miller

All Songs Published by Imagination Demand (BMI) Copyright 2014

Released by Imagination Demand

De Renee Mooi :
Gracias a todos los fans que se han vuelto parte de la familia Mooi.
Gracias a mi familia que fomenta, ama, apoya y se divierte con mis locuras.
Gracias a mi novio Rodrigo por todo su amor, apoyo y estar siempre a mi lado construyendo puentes entre mis sueños y el mundo real.
Gracias a todos mis amigos, cómplices, hermanos, maestros, compañeros.
Gracias en especial a Todd. Por su talento, por invitarme a a hacer este hermoso proyecto, por promover la unión entre artistas independientes y por ser él mismo.
Ha sido increíble conocerte como musico y persona. Ojalá éste sea el principio de muchas cosas.



all rights reserved


Renee Mooi and Todd Clouser Mexico City, Mexico

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Track Name: Your Sin is Beauty
Your Sin Is Beauty

Walking You home I take the long way
The ocean gone crying in our footsteps
London London let it rain

If my heart is too heavy to keep from being drowned, Ok

The bars come open, the war is ending
Its winter completely all inside me
Save me bravely with your word

If my heart is too heavy to keep from being drowned, Ok

To me is your sin is beauty
Track Name: As You Are
F | C | Ab6 | Eb/G |
My paper bones
Your heart is writing on
Church is letting out, bowwww

I go it Alone
Cause Im hung by you
It is Sunday here

Bb | F | C | C C/G |

You belong ` in the arms of the sun
Farther on ` I will have ` to be my own

Gmin | Bb | F
. As You Are` As We Are

Across the ocean
Across the days
Sits the love we made

Above Above
Below the wild Gods
The world is turning me

We belong , to the colors , this little town
On and on, past the past, its cut and all

As You Are As We Are

Amin | F x3

Amin | Bb | F F/E | Dmin

We belong to the arms of the sun
Further on, we will be just our own
As You Are, As we Are